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Clark & Lieberman

I think they’re decision to bypass the Iowa, caucus is a smart one. If you’ve ever watched C-Span in Iowa you learn very quickly that Iowa Dems are waaayyy to the left of the country and even the Democratic Party. That recent poll showing that most Dems want a candidate who favored the war only underscores that sucking up to Iowa Dems is pointless unless you think you can win or maybe come in second. For the rest of the pack, ignoring the caucus rather than getting torunced in it makes a lot more sense. Indeed, I think Clark has already blown it. By overcompensating to prove he’s a Democrat he’s made himself look like Howard Dean in a better uniform. That wouldn’t help him in the general election — assuming he got the nomination and it probably will hurt him in the South and the West when more “normal” Democrats get to vote. The same goes for Lieberman, though I think he has no chance regardless. Not because he’s Jewish (though I think that helps less than many think) but because he’s boring. He talks boring. Half his jokes are funny, the other half are groaners but his delivery is always dull, dull, dull. People want to like the President of the United States. And while I think Lieberman is a likable guy, he gives off a vibe that we’d all get really tired of him really quickly if we had to listen to him in large doses.


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