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Clark Versus Moore

Wes Clark didn’t have the decency, the wits or the guts (take your pick) to disagree with Michael Moore about calling Bush a deserter. Maybe Clark will disagree with Moore about the war in Kosovo

Here’s some of what Moore thought about Clark’s proudest moment:

“Dear friends,

As we file our taxes today (procrastinators, all of us), and we sign our names on the bottom line of our 1040 tax forms, perhaps we should ask ourselves if what we are doing is signing a death warrant for people we don’t even know. Because each night, for the past three weeks, millions of dollars of bombs and missiles — that you and I paid for — are being used to kill people in the former Yugoslavia. That makes you and I culpable in their execution.

Did you personally know any of the people who were killed in the village of Pristina (capitol of Kosovo) last week? Had they ever done anything to harm you? How about the children who were blown to bits in the building in Prizren? Had they ever threatened you in any way to cause you to have to kill them in self-defense? Perhaps you had met the people who were incinerated by us on the train to Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Can you tell me why you would want to take their lives?

I’m sorry to personalize it in this way, but this slaughter is being conducted in your name and mine, and I’ll tell you, this is blood I don’t want on my hands. We will all have to answer for this some day, and I would like to be able to say that I did not sit by silently while this was being done, and that I did whatever I could to stop it as soon as possible….

“….Now, it is time for all of us to stop Clinton and his disgusting, hypocritical fellow democrats who support him in this war. It is amazing to watch all these “liberal” congress members line up behind the President. In a way, I’m glad it’s happening, if only to show the American people there is little difference between the Democrats and the usually war-loving Republicans. Aren’t you getting a kick watching the Pat Buchanans and the Henry Hydes sounding like pacifists! These politicians can change stripes at the drop of a hat (or bomb) because, ultimately, they are the same animal, participants in a one-party system that tries to fool the people by going by two names (“Democrat” and “Republican”).

Please call or write your member of Congress, send a letter to the editor, let the Democrats know we have had it with the whole lot of them. This is OUR country, not theirs and the corporate interests they really represent. It’s time to start taking it back.

Each cruise missile that is launched could have built a dozen schools or hired another hundred teachers or provided health care to a thousand people. Those millions of dollars could have been spent saving lives and educating children. Every night, Clinton isn’t just bombing Yugoslavia, he’s bombing you.

Yours, Michael Moore

So, questions for Michael Moore fans: Is Wes Clark a war criminal toady of that “disgusting” Bill Clinton? Or, is Michael Moore a craven opportunist willing to endorse the architect of a “slaughter” of women and children?

Questions for Wes Clark fans: What does it say about Clark that he’s willing to boast, as he did last night, that he has “the support of a man like Michael Moore.” Or, has Clark simply not “looked into the facts” surrounding Kosovo enough to decide whether Moore is right or not?