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Clashes of Titans

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick (L) and Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban (R) (Belichick: Jasen Vinlove / USA Today; Saban: John David Mercer / USA Today)

While Michigan and Michigan State are in a lightning break, let me jot a quick post, letting you know of a new Q&A, devoted to sports. My guests are David French and Vivek Dave. We — they, really, as I kind of officiate and enjoy — talk about the Major League Baseball playoffs, which we are deep into. The World Series starts on Tuesday. Also, the NBA season has just started. What should we expect? How far will LeBron James take the Los Angeles Lakers?

We further talk about college football, which we’re in the middle of. And the new NFL season, which we’re in the middle of. Both have been great. By the way, there’s a new biography of Bill Belichick, whose subtitle declares him “the greatest football coach of all time.” Is that true? Not according to David. “Nick Saban called and he wants his title back.” David and Vivek have a lively exchange on this subject, and others.

The whole podcast is a joy, from my point of view. At the end, we ask, Why sports? What does sports do for us? Many things, is the answer, and David and Vivek detail some of those, eloquently and even movingly. Again, here.