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Classic Buckley Tome, Special Edition from WFB’s Private Collection

Buckley: The Right Word — which bears the unique subtitle “About the uses and abuses of language, and about vocabulary; About usage, style & speaking; Fiction, diction, dictionaries; With reviews and interviews; A lexicon; On Latin & letters, eloquence & journalism; And more, all drawn from the works of William F. Buckley, Jr., his critics, friends, and others” — was a smash, a delight to any and all who were aficionados of America’s most respected wordsmith. The special first-edition edition (not pictured above mind you) is leather-bound, gold-stamped, with gilt-edged pages, beautiful endsheets, and a bound-in gold-colored ribbon. Bill had 25 copies of this in his private collection — you can have one for $50, which includes shipping and handling. Order here.

Update: This item has sold out.


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