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A Classical-Music Minute

I have always thought that “She’s About a Mover,” by the Sir Douglas Quintet, is one of the best singles of all time. This video is their performance of the song on the NBC TV show Hullabaloo exactly 50 years ago this week.

Note the cute surprise of the show’s host when he points out that Doug Sahm, the leader of the band, is not from England, but from Texas. Of course, a “British Invasion” was taking place in music at the time, but the British leaders of it (the Beatles, the Stones) had been inspired by American music — rock ’n’ roll, and rhythm and blues. We Americans have not had unalloyed success in exporting some of our other great traditions (liberalism, democracy), but our music is loved and imitated the world over, and we can take a just pride in that.


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