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Clearing Things Up

Writing in the Guardian, Sean Penn returns, possibly in some confusion, to the topic of the South Atlantic.

The issue at hand was the fact that despite the encouragement of the UN, and despite our world’s recent and evolving lessons of cultural sensitivity and economic equitability, the UK has refused to return to diplomatic efforts regarding the status of UK and Argentinian claims to the Malvinas Islands, commonly referred to as the Falkland Islands. The manifestation of the islands’ names themselves betrays a vague history written by victors and viscounts. Malvinas, a name inspired from the French; and Falklands, that associated with a colonial leader of the British empire.

This is not a cause of leftist flamboyance nor significantly a centuries-old literary dispute. But rather a modern one, that is perhaps unveiled most legitimately through the raconteurism of Patagonian fishermen.

The raconteurism of Patagonian fishermen, the style of Jacopo Peterman, the wisdom of Sean Penn…


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