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Clegg to Be Hoist by His Own Petard?

The main British election news so far today revolves around “bigotgate” (some details here), but the third and final “leaders’ debate” is tonight. With the eurozone in crisis, the WSJ’s Iain Martin makes a good point:

The worsening crisis in the euro zone has attracted very little attention in the general election, thus far. After all, the U.K. isn’t a member. However, the growing crisis is at root about large debts and the markets demanding that states start taking serious action. When Mr. Brown says that there is no imperative to makes cuts, Mr. Cameron can point to what is going on in the euro zone and say with some force that here is a clear warning from next door. Britain isn’t yet in line for the ire of investors; it might be sooner than one thinks if action isn’t taken this day.

Meanwhile, Mr. Clegg wants to join the euro — putting him in an interesting position Thursday night. The Lib Dem leader — a former member of the Brussels federalist elite — is extremely close to achieving historic change at Westminster. But he isn’t quite there yet. How ironic if his bandwagon was stopped by a resurgent Mr. Cameron pointing to the imploding euro.”

Not only ironic, but justified.


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