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The Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ohio Voting Machines Fixation a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

The Cleveland Plain Dealer today:

One of the latest conspiracy theories sweeping the Internet is a tale that suggests that allies of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney could somehow tamper with Ohio’s presidential vote because Romney’s son has an interest in a voting machine company.

Like many of these rumors, this one has spread quickly, and there’s nothing substantive to back it up. Those pushing the story appear to have taken a few facts, twisted them around and come to a conclusion that defies logic.

The voting machine company in question and the Ohio counties that use its equipment say it wouldn’t be possible to use them to alter the state’s results.

David Mikkelson, who operates the popular website that debunks urban legends, has spent much of his time in recent weeks chasing down election-related rumors, including this one.

“The idea that someone so far removed is manipulating the machines seems far-fetched,” he said. “It is kind of like if my 401(K) invests in Microsoft, which also invests in a company that writes software for voting machines, therefore I am going to influence the outcome of the elections.”


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