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Spitzer has been identified as Client-9 from the complaint against the Emperors Club prostitution ring. The New York Times has posted the complaint, and here is what it says about Client-9:

80. At approximately 4:58 p.m., TEMEKA RACHELLE LEWIS, a/k/a “Rachelle,” the defendant, using the 6587 Number, received an incoming call from Client-9. During the call, LEWIS told Client-9 that his package arrived today, and Client-9 said good. LEWIS asked Client-9 what time he was expecting to have the appointment. Client-9 told LEWIS maybe 10:OO p.m. or so, and asked who it was. LEWIS said it was “Kristen,” and Client-9 said “great, okay, wonderful .” LEWIS told Client-9 that she would give him a final price later, and asked Client-9 whether he could give “Kristen” “extra funds” at this appointment in order to avoid payment issues in the future. Client-9 said maybe, and that he would see if he could do that. LEWIS explained that the agency did not want a model accepting funds for a future appointment, but that she was going to make an exception that way a deposit could be made so that he would have a credit, and they would not have to “go through this” next time. Client-9 said perfect, and that he would call her regarding the room number. (Call 9686R) .

81. At approximately 7:51 p.m., TEMEKA RACHELLE LEWIS, a/k/a “Rachelle,” the defendant, using the 6587 Number, received a call from Client-9. During the call, LEWIS told Client-9 that the balance was around ,”2611 (believed to be a reference to $2,600), but she would give him an exact number later. LEWIS asked if when “Kristen” went to pick up the key she would have to give a name or would she be able to say that she was one of Client-9′s guests for whom he left an envelope. ~EW1~’and Client-9 discussed how to arrange for “Kristen” to get the key to her hotel room. LEWIS said that she would prefer if “Kristen” did not have to give a name. Client-9 said that he was trying to ‘think this through.” Client-9 repeated that his balance was ‘2600,” and stated that maybe he would give “her,” a reference to “Kristen,” ‘3600″ and have a thousand on balance. LEWIS suggested making it “1500fl more. Client-9 said that would make it “4100,” and said that he would look for a bank and see about it. Client-9 told LEWIS to let him go down and take care of this, and suggested that maybe he could put it [the hotel key] in an envelope with the concierge. (Call 9725R).

82. At approximately 8:47 p.m., TEMEKA RACHELLE LEWIS, a/k/a “Rachelle,” the defendant, using the 6587 Number, received a call from Client-9. During the call, Client-9 told LEWIS to tell “Kristen” to go to the hotel and go to room 871. Client-9 told LEWIS that the door would be open. Client-9 told LEWIS that there would be a key in the room, but the door would be ajar. LEWIS asked if the hotel staff might pass by the door and close it, and Client-9 said no it was okay. Client-9 explained that the door would not be visibly open, but if someone pushed it, the 4 door would open. LEWIS told Client-9 that his balance was $2,721.41, and that if he wanted to do an additional “150OU or even “2000″ it would be better. Client-9 said that he did not know if he could get to a machine to do that, but he would see. LEWIS said that ‘Kristen” would go directly to room ,871. Client-9 asked LEWIS to remind- him what ‘Kristen” looked like, and LEWIS said that she was an American, petite, very pretty brunette, 5 feet 5 inches, and 105 pounds. Client-9 said that she should go straight to 871, and if for any reason it did not work out, she should call LEWIS. (Call 9731) .

83. At approximately 9 : 3 2 p.m., TEMEKA RACHELLE LEWIS, a/k/a “Rachelle,” the defendant, using the 6587 Number, received a call from “Kristen.” During the call, ‘”Kristen” said that she was in the room. LEWIS told “Kristen” that she would call her back when she knew when Client-9 would be there. (Call 9734R).

84. At approximately 9:36 p.m., TEMEKA RACHELLE LEWIS, a/k/a ‘Rachelle,” the defendant, using the 6587 Number, received a call from “Kristen.” During the call, LEWIS told “Kristen” that “he,” a reference to Client-9, was at the hotel. “Kristen” told LEWIS that she just talked to him. ‘Kristen” said that Client-9 was coming’to her. LEWIS told “Kristen” that Client-9 should be giving her “extra,” and that the extra should be deposited into- LEWIS told “Kristen” to text her when he arrived and LEWIS would start the four hours then, and also to let her know if he left early. (Call 9741R).

85. On February 14, 2008, at approximately 12:02 a.m., TEMEKA RACHELLE LEWIS, a/k/a “Rachelle,” the defendant, received a call from “Kristen.” During the call, “Kristen” told LEWIS , that “he,” a reference to Client-9, had left. LEWIS asked “Kristen” what time he got there, and “Kristen” said “15 after . . . maybe 10.” LEWIS asked “Kristen” how she thought the appointment went, and “Kristen” said that she thought it went very well. LEWIS asked “Kristen” how much she collected, and ‘Kristen” said $4,300. “Kristen” said that she liked him, and that she did not think he was difficult. “Kristen” stated: ‘I don’t think he’s difficult. I mean it’s just kind of like . . . whatever. . . I’m here for a purpose. I know what my purpose is. I am not a . . . moron, you know what I mean. So maybe that’s why girls maybe think they’re difficult . . . . ” “Kristen” continued: “That’s what it is, because you’re here for a [purpose]. Let’s not get it twisted – I know what I do, you know.” LEWIS responded: “You look at it very uniquely, because . . . no one .ever says it that way.” LEWIS continued that from what she had been told “he” (believed to be a reference to Client-9) “would ask you to do things that, like, you might not think were safe – you know – I mean that . . . very basic things. . . . “Kristen” responded: “I have a way of dealing with that . . . I’d be like listen dude, you really want the sex? . . . You know what I mean.” Near the end of the call, LEWIS and “Kristen” discussed “Kristen’s” departure via Amtrak, the room that Client-9 had provided for “Kristen,” and “Kristen’s” share of the cash that Client-9 had provided to her. (Call 9750R).

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