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Cliff Notes

The grannycidal maniac is back:

The new 41-second spot begins by showing new text that asks: “Remember what Paul Ryan did to Granny?”

After again showing a man in a dark suit pushing a frightened elderly woman in a wheelchair to the edge of a cliff, the new text reads: “Mitt Romney made his choice…”

Once the man has again thrown the woman over the edge, the text continues: “Now you have to make yours,” and concludes by asking: “Is America beautiful without Medicare?”

Chris Matthews gets leg tingles just thinking about it:

The commercial shows a Ryan stand-in sending a grandmother to her screaming death. Matthews gushed, “That ad reflects what the Ryan budget is all about. If you’re rich, we take care of you. If you’re poor, off the cliff.”

Since the Dems have decided to take out a 24/7 ad buy at KLIF, where the hits just keep on coming, we might as well meet them halfway:

Yes, there is a cliff. We’re all headed for it, we’re all going over, we’re all gonna die. Obama has spent the last four years building an expressway to the cliff, ending in a ski-jump into the abyss.

If the media-Democrat alliance want a clifftop election, bring it on. If the Dems are determined to make Ryan own the plummeting granny, make them own the cliff. Unlike the plummeting granny, the cliff is real.

Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top 41 recording artist, and a leading Canadian human-rights activist.


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