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Climbing The Summit

Two emails from Summit County, Ohio:

Jonah – Just read your posts on the two Ohio views. I live in Hudson which

is in northern Summit County. Hudson is probably one of the most Republican

areas of a Democratic county (Akron Summit’s largest city). I was visited

twice over the weekend (Sat. and Sun) by GOTV volunteers. Based on my

little corner of the world, there seems to be a lot activity going on, the

party seems organized, yard signs and bumper stickers everywhere and the

party even has storefront space downtown. It is true that Bush is being

pounded on TV here in NE Ohio, both from Kerry and the 527s. There are Bush

ads up, but from a sheer numbers standpoint it seems like 2-3 Kerry ads for

every Bush add. The old axiom is the democrat must carry Cuyahoga county by

100,000 votes to win the state. If the weather is as bad as they say it

might be (rain and thunder is the forecast thru 6pm tomorrow), don’t know if

the democrats will be able to do that.


I read on the corner where some guy from Summit County in Ohio has not received any republican phone messages.

Well, I also live in Summit County (Akron), am a registered Republican, however I have been bombarded by Bush phone messages. From Mayor Koch, to Laura Bush, to Arnold, to Rudy, I must get three or four messages a day.

I even think Cosmo called me because there was a woof on one of the messages.

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