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From the Clinton Camp

I talked to someone close to the Clinton campaign yesterday. First off, he said no one is under any illusions about how dire her situation will be if she’s behind in pledged delegates and the popular vote. “No one is not realistic, including the candidate herself.” For her to prevail “two or three planets have to align themselves:” 

1) She has to “virtually sweep the rest of the table, with the exception of North Carolina.” As for Pennsylvania, he says, “None of us believe she has to win by double digits.” She just has to win and show she can win core working-class Democrats and Obama can’t. If she begins to get close in the popular vote by the end, then it’s “why not count Florida?”  

2) She has to show “movement in the polls against McCain and greater strength than Obama.”  

3) Finally, there is “the question mark issue” with Obama. “What’s he really all about? That’s the wild card. What’s this guy made of? Is he a chameleon that just goes with the flow, or is he made of something? How many super delegates begin to get an uneasy sensation about the guy?”  

He says of Hillary that he’s “never seen her as serene as she’s been right now,” even though she knows the campaign was badly run and she was complacent for too long. Fwiw…


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