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Clinton Campaign Relied on Stephanopoulos for Its Clinton Cash Fact Check

In the wake of revelations that ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos gave $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, the Hillary Clinton campaign’s “fact check” of Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash looks considerably more dubious. Note the first unimpeachable source that the campaign’s “Briefing” page cites:

And here is the Clinton camp’s fact-check video. Note the friendly face at 1:37:

As we noted yesterday, Stephanopoulos parroted the Clinton campaign’s attacks on Schweizer in his April interview with the author, and said that ABC News had found “no proof” that Clinton, while secretary of state, changed policy based on donations to the foundation. Then the Clinton campaign used the findings of its former hand, Stephanopoulos, as evidence that it did nothing wrong.

Sort of a “chicken/egg” situation, isn’t it?


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