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Clinton Couldn’t Hold the Obama Coalition

These vote totals will change over next several days, but are striking. Via First Read this morning:

. . . Trump’s popular vote total (59 million and counting) is going to similar to Mitt Romney’s in 2012 (61 million), but Clinton’s total (and equal 59 million — she just over took Trump in the popular vote) is going to be far short of Obama’s 66 million in 2012. Those are 5-7 million Obama votes that didn’t go for Clinton. In the eight years of Obama, Democrats won big the two times he was on the ballot (2008, 2012), but they lost big the times he wasn’t on the ballot (2010, 2014, 2016).

Here are some of the specifics:

–African Americans broke for Clinton, 88%-8% — down from Obama’s 93%-6% in ‘12

–Latinos broke 65%-29% — down from 71%-27% in ’12

–Millennials went 55%-37% for Clinton — down from 60%-37% in ’12.