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My state’s junior Senator cracks a joke

Nice recovery, anyway. This kind of thing all helps to hone one’s political


In one of her election campaigns, Margaret Thatcher did a photo-op getting

off a bus. There she was, holding on to the handrail and smiling at the

press cameras while standing on the bus steps. Of course, you have to hold

these positions for a while so the press guys can get their shots, and it

gets boring. Said Maggie, getting bored: “I feel like one of those

clippies!” (I.e. like an old-style bus conductor, standing on the bus

platform calling out “Hold on tight, please!” before going in to clip

everyone’s ticket.)

Immediately realising that what she had said might be taken as derogatory by

someone, somewhere, she immediately added, with her most determined smile:

“…Who are all WONDERFUL people!”

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