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Clinton Mails It In

Bill Clinton didn’t exactly live up to his reputation as the eloquent “secretary of explaining stuff” today in Arkansas, delivering a lackluster speech at a much-publicized appearance to promote the president’s health-care law.

Citing the law’s complicated nature, Clinton explained to the audience that, eschewing his typical extemporaneous style, he “actually wrote this whole thing out” and would be reading from a printed speech on the podium. Throughout his address, the former president continually looked down to his notes on the podium to read off various statistics and examples. What appeared to be an unenthused crowd was treated to a discussion of issues such as the cost of diabetes complications and paperwork savings the Affordable Care Act will accomplish. CNN and MSNBC both started off showing Clinton’s speech before CNN dropped coverage minutes into it, and even MSNBC switched to its standard programming after about 15 minutes.

Today’s speech at his presidential center in Little Rock, Ark., is Clinton’s first stop in a series of speeches he will give before its implementation on October 1.


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