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Clinton on Promoting Bush Tax Cuts: ‘I’m Very Sorry’

The Obama campaign may not have their surrogates under control, but they do appear to be getting to be quite expert at pressuring them to deliver apologies after they’ve gone off message.

“I support this issue, and I think on the merits, upper income people will have to contribute to the long-term debt reduction,” Bill Clinton told CNN today, referring to President Obama’s position that he will not extend the Bush tax cuts for more affluent Americans again. “You get debt now, there are three things, adequate revenue stream and what he’s trying to say is that we’ve got to have all three, and so I support his position.”

“I’m very sorry about what happened yesterday,” Clinton added, mentioning that he had not realized when the Bush tax cuts extension was next due to be voted on. “I thought something had to be done on the fiscal cliff before the election.”

Clinton had said Tuesday he thought all the Bush tax cuts should be extended again. 

UPDATE: Via Noah Glyn, video of the interview:

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