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Clinton Takes Parting Shots at Benghazi Critics on Last Day

Today is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s last day in office. Determined to go out in style, she has used her final round of interviews to take parting shots at her opponents.

In an interview yesterday with the Associated Press, she charged that those with the gall to criticize her handling of the Benghazi attack cannot really be “confused by the facts” and must not “live in an evidence-based world,” all of which she, of course, finds “regrettable.” 

She also told ABC’s Nightline, in her final television interview as secretary of state, that she stands behind her position on the administration’s ever-changing narrative on Benghazi — as she so eloquently stated last week, ”What difference does it make?!

Oddly, she then went on to pledge her belief in “transparency” and “put[ting] it all out there.” 


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