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Clinton’s General, Clark’s Journey

Look I don’t know if Clark is as bad a guy as his strongest detractors say, though he’s done nothing to impress me since he joined the race. Also, i don’t know if he’s a Clinton stooge either, though I doubt it more and more. However, I kind of hope he is being handled by the Clintonites. Because if he actually talks the way he’s been talking since he got in the race, then I don’t like him. He keeps talking about how he’s been on a “journey” of one kind or another. That is Clintonite new-agey mumbo jumbo of the first order. Asking people to join you on journeys, invoking your “personal journey” as a way to explain why you’ve flip-flopped on an issue, generally making your interior life more important that your exterior accomplishments is exactly the sort junk I’d hoped we’d gotten rid of. If Generals really talk that way today, then we’ve got big problems.


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