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Clinton’s Latest Delegate Math

Clinton campaign officials are holding another conference call today, arguing that the Democratic party should seat all the delegates from Michigan and Florida.  In addition, they are arguing that the so-called “magic number” of 2,026 delegates is no longer the number required for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton to reach in order to lock up the nomination. “There’s an unwritten assumption among members of the Fourth Estate that 2,026 is the number,” top Clinton adviser Harold Ickes told reporters.  “That could not be farther from the truth.”  The reason, Ickes said, is not just that Clinton is calling for Michigan and Florida to count, but that the Obama campaign has also committed itself to some sort of resolution of those two states’ delegates, meaning that the 2,026 figure will surely go up by some amount. “Until they are fully resolved, there is, in fact, no fixed number for the nomination,” Ickes said. “2,210 is the high mark, and 2,026 is the low mark, but that low mark is no longer, in my view a reasonable number to even talk about.”


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