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Setting the Record Straight: President Obama Cut GOP Some Slack?


At the start of the White House summit on health care, President Obama suggested that he cut Republicans some slack and allowed Senator Alexander to give longer opening remarks.  Democratic leadership and President Obama’s opening remarks totaled more than 30 minutes.  Senator Alexander clocked in at 13 minutes and 10 seconds.


President Obama to Senator Alexander: “Lamar, both I and Lamar went a little bit over our original allocated time. I — not wanting to be a hypocrite — wanted to give you some slack.”


DEMOCRATS’ OPENING REMARKS                         

President Obama     14 mins, 36 seconds                        

Speaker Pelosi          7 mins, 57 seconds

Leader Reid              8 mins, 13 seconds

Total                       30 mins, 46 seconds


Senator Alexander   13 mins, 10 seconds


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