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The European Social Forum is, as its name would suggest, a self-important gathering that assembles from time to time to hawk socialism, stupidity and self-righteousness (if that is not to repeat myself). The observant Scott Burgess (he’s the source of the boar story too) has discovered that a European Creative Forum has now been formed to join in the fun. This quote

from their website tells you all that you could want to know.

“The newly-formed European Creative Forum (ECF) joins the call to all artists, musicians, performers, DJ’s, dancers, designers, writers, film-makers, writers, poets, actors, architects, rappers, jugglers, journalists, media activists, culture jammers, critics, promoters, organisations, charities, campaigns, collectives, networks and individuals who share the objective of creating and participating in the next European Social Forum in London in the Autumn.”

And if you need more than that, check out the ECF graphic that Burgess has found. It says it all really.

Burgess also claims to be distressed that “jugglers” are included, but mimes are not. As Scott appears to be a good fellow, I’ll just assume he’s joking. Mimes are, of course, the spawn of Satan, the Dr Peppers of the entertainment world, creatures too loathsome even for the European Social Forum.


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