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Club for Growth Action Ad Hits Trump on Eminent Domain

Club for Growth Action, a political arm of the Club for Growth, today announced the release of two 30-second television ads that will air on broadcast, cable, and satellite television in Iowa, and on digital platforms. The total ad buy exceeds $1 million.

The first ad, “Just Another Politician,” is pretty “meh,” using footage of Trump from 2004, saying that in many cases, he “identifies more as a Democrat.”

But the second ad, spotlighting Trump’s view on eminent domain, strikes me as a potential serious weakness for Trump, as it’s just about impossible to square Trump’s view on the issue with conservatism, limited government, or, ahem, freedom and liberty. Has any Trump fan articulated an argument in favor of state and local governments claiming private property and turning it over to wealthy developers? Isn’t that just about the clearest case of big government run amok and crony capitalism?

In Atlantic City, Trump tried to seize private property through eminent domain, working with the government to claim other people’s homes. As Ilya Somin put it: Trump did not merely claim that the Kelo vs. New London decision was legally correct; he argued that it was ‘good’ to give government the power to forcibly displace homeowners and small businesses and transfer their property to influential developers on the theory that doing so might promote ‘economic development.’”​


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