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Club for Growth Warns GOP to ‘Show Some Spine’

As debt talks enter their critical stages, conservative groups are letting Republicans leaders know that they are being watched. In this new ad, the Club for Growth urges party leaders to accept nothing less than “real spending cuts and a balanced budget amendment” in exchange for raising the debt limit:

“Cave in? Or show some spine?”

UPDATE: Club for Growth president Chris Chocola calls out Sens. Dick Lugar (R., Ind.) and Orrin Hatch (R., Utah), indicating that they will be under special scrutiny when it comes time to vote for a deal to increase the debt limit.

“As we near the culmination of the debate over the debt limit in Washington, Republicans must stand strong for genuine spending cuts to get to a balanced budget, strict spending caps and permanent reform,” Chocola said in a statement. “A close examination of the 35-year records of Senators Lugar and Hatch raises serious concerns about whether they will ultimately insist on this. Senator Lugar and Senator Hatch must hear the loud voices of constituents fed up with never-ending spending and debt.”

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