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Club for Sloth

My “Club for Sloth” posts of a few days ago were meant to be a sooo-funny allusion to the admirable Club for Growth, with which NRO has some connections.  However, a friend advises me that no more than one percent of my readership would get the joke, as the word “sloth” is pronounced differently on the two sides of that darned Atlantic Ocean.

How to clarify the matter?  How else but by verse?  Kiss me, O Muse.

An American man of the cloth

Preached a sermon to warn against sloth.

Said he:  “To be idle

Is soul-suicidal!…”

But at this point he started to froth.

In England there’s no Club for Growth.

The natives are too prone to sloth.

From work-habits erratic

Their GDP’s static.

To address the problem, they’re loath.


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