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CNN: The Clueless News Network?

Just got an e-mail from CNN offering potential guests for my radio show. They’re promoting the upcoming program, CNN PRESENTS: Gov. Sarah Palin Revealed. And what does CNN intend to “reveal?” According to the e-mail:

She’s earned her conservative bona fides with an adherence to conservative Christian principles against sex education and abortion rights, and with her support of gun rights and of Creationism taught in public schools.

Only one problem: She supports teaching about contraception in schools and does not support, nor has advocated, teaching Creationism. Both of these facts have been widely reported, including a solid AP article over the weekend.

Who knows what else will be “revealed?” Her intimate relationship with Bigfoot? Her opposition to flouridated water? The fact that she faked a pregnancy to hide her daughter’s handicapped love chi…

Ooops. That last one’s already been “revealed.”

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