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CNN Contributor Calls Romney Family Photo ‘Exploitive’

Marc Lamont Hill turned the tables on the criticism of Melissa Harris-Perry and her panel’s mocking Mitt Romney’s African-American grandson by saying the photo of Romney’s family was ”exploitive [sic].” He said that it would have been inappropriate for the panel to make fun of Romney family children or the fact that the grandson was adopted, but justified the jeers by saying they were ridiculing the GOP and Mitt Romney, not the child.

“Some would say, maybe, that it’s an exploitive picture — that they’re exploiting the kid by holding him out there,” Hill said on CNN on Monday. “[The panel] was pointing out the fact that the picture itself was sort of a spectacle and they were sort of making fun of the Republican party.”

Hill called mocking Romney “a sport” and a good example of an acceptable “light moment.”

Via Right Scoop.