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This Is CNN?

I’m going to have a little fun with something, so, please, keep a light spirit. This especially applies to employees of CNN. (Do they read the Corner?)

Last night, Ted Cruz said, “In a Cuban-American family, there are only two political parties: the Republican party and the Communist party.” I immediately thought of a friend of mine, and a friend of ours — meaning, a friend of NR’s. He is a cruiser (and a Cruzer? Probably).

His late grandmother was a refugee from Cuba. She lived in Miami. Watching CNN, she figured the initials stood for “Communist News” (forgetting the extra “N”). She always — always — referred to CNN as “las noticias comunistas.” I don’t think this was really a joke. It was basically how she saw the network.

After hearing Cruz last night, I e-mailed my friend, to remember his grandmother — his abuelita, as he refers to her. Here is part of his response: “During O’s recent trip to Cuba, I was convinced she was going to animate from her grave and fly across the Florida Straits to commit acts of spectral mayhem!”

That would have been welcome.


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