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CNN Grills Condi Rice on Marriage

“Do you dream of a fairy tale wedding still?”

That wasn’t a question posed to say, the latest star of The Bachelorette. Instead, that was the question new CNN host Piers Morgan opted to ask former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice in an interview that aired last night.

While Rice laughingly dismissed the question (“I think I’m well beyond the fairy tale wedding stage”), it was one in a string of personal questions that Morgan apparently felt Americans needed to know the answers to:

“You are, and remain, one of the most eligible women in Washington. How have you avoided being ensnared in the marital trap?”

“How close have you come [to getting married]?”

“Do you hold out hope [that you will get married]?”

“Are you romantic?”

“Are you high-maintenance?”

“If I was going to woo you …”

Rice informed Morgan she currently lives in California, that “you don’t get married in the abstract, you find someone you’d like to be married to,” she had been close before to getting married, and that the best way to capture her interest was to say that you’d spend Sunday afternoons watching football.

In answer to another question, she told Morgan that she had never been drunk while working at the White House.

 “I would never want to get intoxicated, anyway. I don’t like that sort of sense that you don’t know what you’re doing,” Rice answered, adding that her responsibilities had meant always being able to handle a situation, even at 3 a.m.

“That takes extraordinary self-control,” marveled Morgan when Rice denied ever being drunk at the White House.

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