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I shouldn’t have published the last line of that CNN post…who knows if it was deliberate or biased or not. I seasoned ex-tv journalist sends this:

I really am emailing to respond to your corner posting “CNN’s Rumsfeld Treatment” about the audio levels of the bombing being raised during a particular portion of Rumsfeld’s speech. While it is possible that was done on purpose and for the effect you claim, it is entirely more likely that it was completely unintentional and due to any number of factors:

1) the tape was cut with no audio off the top for whatever reason and then when it ran past a specific point, audio was left on and the control room was caught by surprise.

2) some crazy producer was screaming at the director/a.d. because there were these beautiful silent pictures dying for some audio, and the tech boys just pumped it up at an inopportune moment

3) the audio guy just slipped

Many, many things happen at CNN by mistake. That’s the nature of 24-7 t.v. As a former employee, the only time I automatically assume bias is when Judy Woodruff (or her husband) happen to be speaking. Outside of that, I generally (I said generally) give them the benefit of the doubt.


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