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CNN Panelist: ‘For What Reason’ Should Scott Have Been Invited to MLK Event?

Republican senator Tim Scott, the Senate’s sole black member, was excluded from yesterday’s 50th anniversary and one CNN panelist doesn’t see any reason why he should have participated. After all, USA Today columnist DeWayne Wickham argued, “He’s one of 50 senators.” 

When Scott’s absence was pointed out on The Lead yesterday, Wickham asked, “And he should have been invited to speak for what reason?” Because Scott was appointed to the Senate following predecessor Jim DeMint’s resignation earlier this year, Wickham didn’t think Scott needed to have a spot at the commemoration. 

In the segment, NPR’s Michel Martin also wondered why former Democratic presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton spoke at the event, but neither Bush presidents were present. USA Today reported that both George W. Bush and his father were unable to attend because of health concerns; the younger Bush is still recovering from heart surgery he underwent earlier this month, while the elder Bush has been facing a number of health issues recently.


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