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CNN Poll: Biden 34, Warren 19, Sanders 16, Buttigieg 6

Joe Biden responds to a question during a forum held by the Giffords group and March For Our Lives in Las Vegas, Nev., October 2, 2019. (Steve Marcus/Reuters)

CNN’s new national poll shows Joe Biden holding his biggest lead in any national poll in over a month.

When CNN last polled the race in early September, Biden led Warren 24 percent to 18 percent, with Bernie Sanders in third place at 17 percent.

Biden has led Warren in all six national polls conducted (at least in part) after last Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate. Biden now leads Warren by six points in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls.

Pete Buttigieg’s attack on Warren over Medicare for All appears to have halted Warren’s momentum but hasn’t really helped Buttigieg in national polling yet.


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