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Coarsened For Christmas

The Catholic League has discovered a new frontier in political correctness: holiday cards. Hallmark gets a pass. But one sign of too much religious emptiness at Christmas (and certainly the religious emptiness of some greeting card makers) are categories of “rude” and “risque” Christmas cards. The league reports:

“What is perhaps most telling about American Greetings is the total absence of tasteless Hanukkah and Kwanzaa cards. Indeed, neither of these two holidays merit a ‘Risqué’ or ‘Rude’ section—that’s reserved only for Christmas.” Nobody should suggest what the world needs is rude Hanukkah cards in our already coarsened culture, but what’s with all you “Bad Santa” worshipping types?

They add: “Hanukkah is a minor holiday in the Jewish calendar, but it commands the utmost respect from Yahoo! Greetings. Of the 33 Hanukkah cards, 26 display a Star of David or Menorah. Of the 443 Christmas cards, 9 are religious. In other words, 79% of the Hanukkah cards are religious, compared to 2% of the Christmas cards.” It has to be contemplated that the card-BUYERS are part of the problem here. But the makers aren’t helping.

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