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Coburn: ‘Our National Soul is Being Corrupted by Washington’

Former Senator Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) declared that “our national soul is being corrupted” by government expansion, as he called for a constitutional convention to limit the federal government.

“Our national soul is being corrupted by Washington’s unhindered and unconstitutional overreach,” Coburn said in announcing that he is now a senior advisor to the Convention of States Project. “Our Founders anticipated the federal government might get out of control at some point, and they gave us a Constitutional mechanism to rein it in – it’s called a Convention of the States, outlined in Article V of the Constitution. Many in Washington have unfortunately forgotten they work for the American people, and the people have begun to mobilize in this effective effort from coast to coast.”

Coburn’s statement came on the same day that the Tea Party Express announced that it campaign for a constitutional convention.

“Congress’ historic shortcomings in passing a Balanced Budget Amendment have forced our hand,” the group’s executive director, Taylor Budowich, said Tuesday. “It’s time for America to unite around the Article V Convention to cap federal spending once and for all. By petitioning state representatives to act now, America has a realistic path to ensuring responsible spending habits are practiced with our nation’s funds.”

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