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Cohen, Jews, Israel, Republicans…

From a reader:


Perhaps the fact that Israel is the Jewish Homeland, with its most holy sites being located there is also another factor as to why Israel was a good landing spot for the Jews (note the most holy sites were in Jordon and not under Israeli control).  Another factor often ignored, when the Zionist movement began the land known as Israel was not the fertile land you see today.  Rather, it was a desolate swamp.  Cohen’s point on whether Jew’s belong in this Arab-Muslim neighborhood shows a lack of understanding with respect to the region and its history.  The Middle East has Christians, Muslims who are broken down into Persians, Sunnis, Shias, who can be further broken down into tribes etc…  The Middle East isn’t some homogeneous Semitic land!  Finally, Under Mr. Cohen’s logic of Israel being a “mistake” where should Israel have been located.  South or Central America? Other parts of Africa?   Where are Jews going to belong where they aren’t going to be outsiders to their neighbors?  After WWII there were some 8 million Jews left in the entire world (and at that time it wasn’t Muslims who were the biggest persecutors of the Jews). 

One more point on this “mistake”, Israel was a crucial asset to the United States during the entire Cold War.  Israel at its founding was courted by the Soviet Union as well as the United States.  Israel chose (and smartly so) to ally itself with the United States.  Since then Israel has and was a strategic partner to the US, if nothing else, from a military concern.


On a slightly related note, when are Republicans going to seize this opportunity.  The far left Democrats have gone so far left they have put themselves at odds with a cause that deeply affects many Jewish voters at the ballot box.  Combine that with the Left’s treatment of Joe Lieberman, specifically the last two Democratic nominated presidents coming out against Lieberman during his Democratic Primary, shows a drastic shift within Democratic Party. 

Tom Kean…Rick Santorum…The Jewish vote is your ticket to the Senate.

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