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The Colbert Report‘s Phony Obamacare Sob Story, Featuring Patrick Stewart

The Colbert Report

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Some comedians on the left aren’t taking too seriously the idea that Americans might be seeing some possible downsides to the president’s health-care law. Last night, Patrick Stewart appeared on The Colbert Report as “Chuck Dupree,” a fictional character victimized by Obamacare.

Chuck is your average “workman down at the job site,” who was recently diagnosed with a severe case of “fisherman’s foot, for which there is no cure.”

This acute illness couldn’t have come at a worse time — cue the spotlight — ​the day his foot began to hurt, he received a letter in the mail telling him his monthly insurance payments (“once lower than a well digger’s heel”) had increased.

Stewart continues: “And it’s all because of the Affordable Care — line?”

Colbert responds, “Act!” And Stewart yells back, “I am trying, damn it!” 

As Chuck appears to be dying on set, he declares his only regret in life is “knowing America will be living with a health-care system based on state-run insurance exchanges. Repeal and replace!”


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