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Cold Steel

Lots of fascinating stuff on Capt. Millett’s charge. For an artist’s view

of the event, see here.

And here is a note on the place where it happened:

“Mr. Derbyshire—Having been stationed at Osan AB in South Korea, I enjoyed

your recent reference to Millett. My unit’s building was only a hundred

yards or so from the historical marker which describes Millett’s charge. As

a Captain, I’d take many of the new 2Lt’s up to that spot and then look down

on the runway below, explaining that MiGs had taken off from that field to

attack Americans. The field trip also served to emphasize our proximity to

the North Koreans, and to remind them of how Americans had fought and died

to take Osan back from the Communists.

“It’s a small marker, low to the ground (the inscription is in English and

Korean), and it mostly goes unnoticed. Thanks again for the reminder.


“Fred ‘Bits’ Bacon

“Lt Col, USAF “


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