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College Football: ’Tis the Season

Alabama football players, with their coach Nick Saban, on September 1, 2018 (Jasen Vinlove / USA TODAY Sports)

We have had Weekend 1 of the college-football season. (It was a bad weekend for some of us.) I’ve done a season-opening podcast with two experts: NR’s own David French and Vivek Dave, a ringer from Chicago (originally from Greater Detroit). We talk about various teams, players, coaches, and issues. What about Alabama, the 800-pound gorilla? Do they need to be taken down a peg or two or eight? What about the relative strengths of the conferences? What about Ohio State’s coach? Did he deserve to be fired rather than suspended? What about pre-season polls — bunk or legit? How about the differences between the college game and the pro game? David doesn’t care much for college basketball — why is college football different? Finally, a longstanding and nagging question: Should college athletes be paid?

A lively podcast, with two people who know what they’re talking about (and me, your host).

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