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College Guide Rocks!

James (my high school junior and a great great American!) had a pal over recently, who hadn’t a clue of where he wants to go for college, so I dropped a copy of Choosing the Right College in his lap (which hurt – this book is nearly 1,000 pages!) and boy oh boy was this kid in the clutches of something powerful. He sat there for the longest time, quiet, drinking in all the information, mesmerized. And why not: he was reading a real guide, not a dull listing of dull data. It was an understatement to say he appreciated the book (I gave him a copy – Mr. Fowler’s a nice guy!). I have no doubt it will impact his eventual decision.

Friends, Choosing the Right College is a well-written conservative handbook to125 top American schools. I’ve seen time and again how it can influence a kid. Imagine what one copy could do if it were in a high school library or a guidance counselor’s office, where dozens and scores of kids could access it! For a meager $10 you can send a copy of this important book to your alma mater, or to any number of school(s) you desire – heck, we’ll pick them for you if you wish. This is the great NR “Sawbuck Challenge,” and we challenge you to help dozens of kids make the right decision when they pick a college. Order your gift copies of Choosing the Right College here.


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