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The College Protest Clown Car Careens Over to Brown

At Brown a campus police officer allegedly slammed a visiting Latino student to the ground after a confrontation over the student’s right to enter a Brown building. Within hours of the incident the police department placed the officer on desk duty and began an investigation. That’s of course not good enough for the drivers of the campus clown car. For them, it’s punishment first, trial second because everyone knows there’s only one side to any story.

Brown’s president Christina Paxson made the mistake of meeting the protesters and treating them as if they were responsible adults. She paid the price:

“You’re saying you can’t suspend the officer. Find a way to suspend the officer,” a male student snapped at the meeting, which was also attended by Mark Porter, Chief of Police for the Department of Public Safety.

“If you can’t find a way, I’m sure you can find ten students on campus who will give you that information, who will dedicate their time to making sure Geo [Geovanni Cuevas] actually gets justice. I don’t want him getting some bullshit term that America has labeled [as] ‘justice’ that’s about bending the truth.”

There’s no justice like mob justice, after all. Then things got downright bizarre:

Paxson attempted to explain that she wanted to create a student advisory council to combat racial profiling and improve DPS, but students kept shouting and cutting her off.

“Will they [the students] be compensated?” a female student screamed before Paxson could finish, demanding to know if this group was actually a guise for “more free colored labor.”

The same voice could be heard in the video breaking into weeps, asking if “students of color are here to give you more labor? To build this school up more? To make you look good?” The crowd broke into claps.

Wasn’t that a micro-aggression? Isn’t the proper term “labor of color?” But don’t worry. Brown has a strong leader:

From the video, it appeared [Paxson] couldn’t bend to students fast enough, even as they cursed and chided her.

Paxson noted how at the mention of her community board proposal “a lot of you clapped,” but one student “got very upset, so we need to figure it out” . . . When a student brought up the need to compensate students who serve on an advisory board, Paxson was loudly booed for saying “This community lives on people pitching in.”

Yet, to even this Paxson appeared to cave. “I’m willing to consider it. Let’s figure out a way to make it work.”

In other news, after Black Lives Matter protesters stormed the Dartmouth library, disrupted and harassed students while they studied, and allegedly screamed racial insults and assaulted white students a Dartmouth official has reportedly issued an apology — to the abusive protesters. Why? Because “there’s a whole conservative world out there that’s not being very nice.”

For the record, the Dartmouth protesters deny any threats of violence:

“These allegations of physical assault are lies to make white students look like the victims and students of color to look like the perpetrators,” [NAACP vice president Tsion] Abera said. “The protest was meant to shut down the library. Whatever discomfort that many white students felt in that library is a fraction of the discomfort that many Natives, blacks, Latina and LGBTQ people feel frequently.”

Right. The Ivy League is a living nightmare — where white supremacists routinely shriek at and intimidate black students. In reality, there is no segment of American life that has worked harder to create a racial utopia than elite higher education. They’ve worked so hard to do it that they systematically violate the rights of students and faculty who dissent from the campus’s race, gender, and sexuality-obsessed extremism. But it’s not enough.

It will never be enough.



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