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College Leaders Behaving Badly

Supposedly, people who run nonprofit institutions are able to concentrate just on “doing good” since they don’t have to worry about money grubbing — college officials, for instance. In reality, however, college leaders can be at least as petty, vindictive, self-serving, and, yes, money-grubbing as any business executive.

In my Martin Center article today, I discuss two illustrative cases.

One involves Springfield College English professor Dennis Gouws, who has been subjected to (as Peter Wood of NAS puts it) a feminist jihad. He used to teach a course entitled “Men in Literature,” but that was axed and he has been under relentless pressure from the school’s P.C. administration for having had the temerity to dispute the notion that women are oppressed.

Even though Gouws holds tenure, the dean is out to get rid of him.

The other case involves Nathaniel Bork, who taught philosophy on an adjunct basis at Aurora Community College. Like Gouws, Bork had a fine record until he complained about the college’s decision to dumb-down its introductory courses. That led to a summary dismissal on the pretext that he was not “effectively” implementing the new curriculum.

Sadly, college trustees rarely do anything about cases where top administrators are acting like little tyrants.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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