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Collegians On The Dole

From a reader:


I think your assessment of college voting patterns is pretty much

dead-on. One thing, though, that’s important to remember is that

a large portion of college students — those at public universities

in particular — are effectively on the dole. Between the government

funding of their institutions coupled with perpetually rising tuition

that necessitates more and more government-backed loans and grants,

it’s the equivalent of welfare recipients voting for the person who’ll

give them more. (Never mind the fact that the flood of money chasing

finite supply only drives tuition still higher, in a vicious cycle.)

And only this week has Kerry been talking about giving college

educations away in exchange for “public service”. It’s all bread and


I recall my own fit of insanity in the 1988 election, when I was all for

Dukakis simply because Reagan’s tax cuts meant that scholarship

income not used for books and tuition were taxable, which had not been

the case before the reform. In time, I came to my senses about the

big picture, and perhaps many of the college students will, too.


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