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The Color of Jindal’s Skin

From a reader:  

I’m watching live feed…and all WWL-TV can focus on is that Jindal is the first-ever Indian-American governor…is a “person of color”…etc. Nothing about issues, policy, substance.

You know what? That just doesn’t bother me tonight. Jindal will give them plenty of issues, policy, and substance in the coming months and years.

After “progressive” racists spent months trying to use his ethnicity against him, I think it’s a feather in Jindal’s cap that everyone talks about it now. Something, by the way, to remember next time you see the Left run for the moral high ground on perceived “racism” – as though it meant something to them beyond their party’s political success. It wasn’t just the Louisiana Democratic Party, but also self-styled “progressivebloggers, writers and message-board posters who used Jindal’s race against him during this campaign.

There’s nothing ‘progressive’ about being liberal.

And I expect that when the numbers are broken out, Jindal will have done much better among black voters than other Republicans in recent Louisiana history. Recall that in 2003, he did very well in New Orleans, but lost statewide because he lost the northern part of the state — the white, Protestant areas where Republicans normally rack up large margins. The part of the state where Democrats famously ran ads that darkened his face.


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