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Colorado Town Considers Drone-Hunting Licenses

Federal drone pilots may want to avoid flying over Deer Trail, Colo.

A local resident has drafted an ordinance that would create hunting licenses for shooting down the unmanned aerial machines and offer rewards for them. According to the ordinance, “hunters” would get $100 rewards for presenting parts of drones “known to be owned or operated by the United States federal government.”

Resident Philip Steel explained that, while he hasn’t seen drones flying over Deer Trail, “I do not believe in the idea of a surveillance society, and I believe we are heading that way.” He’s even come up with a rhyme: “They fly in town, they get shot down.”

Steel, as well as other Deer Trail locals, also believes “they’ll sell like hotcakes,” so the $25 license fee will a viable revenue source for the small town of about 550. And although Steel promises that he has “serious” concerns about drones, the novelty of drone-hunting is too good to pass up for other residents.

“It’s all novelty. Do a little drone fest, get people to come out, have fun,” the town’s mayor explained. “It could be really cool for our community.”

The seven-member board will consider the ordinance at its August 6 meeting.


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