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Combox Chuckles or, Patrolling the Trolling

Earlier, I quoted the DailyKos combox. In the interest of fairness, and to demonstrate that there is a certain combox approach to the world that transcends ideology, let me quote a reaction to Cardinal O’Malley, in the combox of a well-known conservative Catholic website: “Let’s see; Nancy Pelosi ramrodded oMaoCare through Congress. Pelosi recently said that she knows her fellow baby butcher, Ted ‘the Slob’ Kennedy, is in Heaven because the Supreme Court ruled in favor of oMaoCare. It was Sean ‘the Barefoot Contessa’ Cardinal O’Malley who gave a lavish Catholic funeral, fit for royalty, for Kennedy the Butcher; and now the Contessa contradicts his fellow bishops by refusing to join their class action lawsuit against oMaoCare.” The only thing that prevents this from being the Comboxiest of All Combox Comments is that it lacks four-letter words and misspellings. I must admit I never heard the coinage “oMaoCare” before; props for originality on that. But somebody who can compare today’s America to Mao’s China should be sentenced to Mao’s China for 48 hours, and then — in an act of clemency — after just two hours in Mao’s China re-admitted, weeping apologetically, to today’s America.


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