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Come ‘Cruise’ the Texas Border

In Boy Genius, the authors write of gubernatorial candidate George W. Bush:

“Hell, if they’ll walk across Big Bend, we want ‘em,” Bush would privately say about undocumented Mexican workers.

If you want to see that part of the Texas border with Mexico for yourself, join CIS’s annual border tour, March 9–16. (We have SUVs, so you won’t have to walk.) Sure, the accommodations won’t be as luxurious as they’re likely to be on NR’s May cruise to Bermuda. (Hey, Jack, I’m free that week!) Also, no Mark Steyn or Victor Hanson and no all-you-can-eat shrimp cocktail.

But what you do get is a safari along the border, this year focusing on West Texas, from El Paso down river to Big Bend National Park. Past tours have explored the border in Arizona and the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, and we’ve encountered up close people and places others see only on TV. There are no safety concerns, since we don’t go into Mexico and don’t prowl around the border at night.

Our group will be led again this year by Pulitzer Prize-winning (ex-)journalist Jerry Kammer, who’s written about the border for more that 30 years. Space is limited to the capacity of three SUVs , so if you’re interested, visit the tour page or contact John Wahala.


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