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Come On, Trump Is Not Going to Abandon His Bid for Reelection

Mickey Kaus, who voted for Trump because of his hard line on illegal immigration, sees a particularly grim outlook for the Trump reelection campaign and catastrophic results if Democrats enact an amnesty in 2021. He writes:

The fantasizing about Trump abandoning his attempt at reelection should probably be taken seriously and even egged on — by those of us who voted for him as well as by anonymous “GOP operatives” who probably didn’t. Trump himself is clearly thinking a lot about losing these days, as when he mused, absurdly, that President Joe Biden would have to finish his border wall. . . .

If Trump is going to do this, he should do it soon — before the convention, while there’s time to consider possible replacements and let voters get used to whomever is picked.

A GOP convention where the delegates needed to select a new nominee would be an epic drama in any circumstance . . . now envision it occurring during an ongoing pandemic, in a city that just enacted a requirement that people wear masks indoors.

But it’s really hard to imagine Trump choosing to not run for another term. As much as the president dreads the label “loser,” I suspect he would dread the label “quitter” even more.


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