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The Coming Constitutional Crisis (Cont.)

Interesting piece by Collin Levey in America’s Newspaper of Record. Levey says that

justices Rehnquist and Breyer are putting out signals that SCOTUS will not

tolerate an attempt to drown a Bush election victory in litigation.

That is good to know, if correct. However, it has a downside. Net-net,

Democrats benefit much more from election fraud than Republicans do. There

are all sorts of reasons: the main one, that most kinds of voter fraud –

e.g. letting illegal aliens vote, an issue highlighted by Michelle Malkin in

her Wednesday column

usually requires the co-operation of public employees, and public employees

are majority Democrat.

Thus, a firm judicial quashing of attempts to litigate voting

irregularities, both real and imagined, will leave a lot of voting

irregularities un-litigated. Ceteris paribus, more of those left-standing

irregularities will favor the Dems than the Repubs.

If I’m right about this, it’s a price worth paying to avoid a constitutional

crisis. But who on earth would wish to bring on such a crisis, just for

electoral advantage? Where is the spirit of Richard Nixon, who, knowing

that John F. Kennedy had very likely won the 1960 election on crooked

polling figures, declined to make an issue of it, for the good of the


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