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The Coming Constitutional Crisis

This election is shaping up to be very close — which means, from the point

of view of the Left, that if Bush wins, the result will be ILLEGITIMATE.

Now, the Left thinks that Republican victories are illegitimate per se.

This time, however, withe the example of Florida 2000 fully digested, the

trial lawyers will be all over a close Republican victory, and the

litigation will be endless. Collin Levey has a fine column on this prospect

in this morning’s edition of America’s Newspaper of Record.

Mark well

Collin’s closing words:

“For the lawyers, the delicious turn of events since Florida 2000 is about

oh-so-much more than just assuring a future tort reform veto. If every

election is now potentially reversible in court, the litigation lobby will

finally have achieved its ascendancy over all three branches of government.

And for the Democratic Party, that seems to be a small price to pay for

never having to admit they’ve lost.”