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The Coming Creepiness

From my Playboy Guy (by which I mean, literally, he works for Playboy but on the business side, not the “how cool is it to work for Playboy?!?!” side:


I’m not sure where I fall out on this, but I guess I probably agree with you. I have a major problem with the whole “TV in the car” thing to begin with, so I guess it would be hypocritical of me (not that that matters, I know) to defend car porn. So I won’t.

But a bigger issue you may want to consider along these lines is when porn is delivered to your cell phone or PDA. Short video clips for $0.99 (or whatever) are already widely available in Europe and the Far East and are coming to a small screen near you very soon. Then what do we do about the guy on the subway or in line at the bank or at the next table in the restaurant who’s spending an awful lot of time “on the phone”?


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